Car and Caravan Amateur Radio System  


  Hello Everyone. I've recently bought this caravan and have traveled to a few towns in South Australia. VK5.

Being retired now means that this will enable me to see more of Australia, so I may be coming Your way. 












Diamond Whip Antennas are used on the HF Bands and located on the front of the car and a Hustler 14AVT vertical on the

rear of the caravan. 250AH Lithium Ion batteries are charged by the car but isolated from the car battery, while a 150W solar

panel charges the 200 AH Lithium Ion battery in the caravan.





My Caravan Trip to Port Lincoln. 10 m.

Australian, Dick Smith. VK2DIK. 4m.

My Caravan Trip to my Cousin's. 10 m.





To view many more videos and music slideshows which I've made, click below or go to You tube and search ' vk5sw ' on Your Smart TV.