Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens. 7m.

Autumn Leaves in town of Stirling. 5m.











The Love for Amateur Radio. 4m.

VK5SW's Remote Radio's Location. 18m.

FireFight Australia. 4 minutes.










Cosy Cabin. 3 minutes.

African Animals. 5 minutes.

African Animals Two. 3 minutes.










Incredible Dogs. Gary Barlow. 3m.

NEON. Bee Gees. 7m.

PARIS. Tina Arena. 8m.










The Big Red, Australia. 4 minutes.

Beautiful Noise - Australia. 3m.

Music Dashcam. Adelaide Hills. 2m.










When I was a Boy. 3 minutes.

You're Incredible. Gary Barlow. 3m.

Love grows where my Rosemary goes.

3 minutes.










Tina Turner Tribute. 4 minutes.

HOLIDAY ROAD. 2 minutes.

Tribute to TV's Poirot. 3 minutes.












Imelda May. 4 minutes.

I'm Alive. 4 minutes.

Rob, VK5SW's Ham Radio Life. 4m.


  Each of the four pages above contain music slideshows which I hope You enjoy. 

  They open in a new window. This page is number  ONE.   







 The Videos below show my remotely controlled and solar powered Amateur Radio Stations on our property in the South Australian Bush.



Rob, VK5SW's Remotely Controlled Amateur Radio System. This High Definition Video was created 10th January, 2021. Speakers On. Runs 34 minutes.

‘Hi Robert. Thanks for your chat on 20 Meters you peaked 5x7 from the car and I looked at the youtube video of the property and local fauna and flora.

Fantastic and a very lovely song to match. So well done all round. Your information is inspiring to others, how to organize a simple but well equipped remote station

and I am so glad you have posted on line. All the best from the Western Districts and look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards, Steven VK3NSC.’ 12th Feb. 2021.