Only some of these slideshows highlight Amateur Radio, but all are meant to uplift you. 


 Even though a few of the music slideshows here may pertain to Australia, their messages/meanings are Universal. Please refresh this page each time you visit as new music slideshows may have been uploaded. There are quite a few on this page, so it pays to allow all of them to load before playing them. Go to Full Screen by clicking on the symbol, bottom right.  . At the end of each video, click that same symbol again. If you would like to, feel free to share this page with others as I hope that they too may be able to enjoy these music slideshows. 






The Whitsunday Islands, Australia. 5 minutes.

Any Day Now. 4 minutes.

Girls on the Avenue. 3 minutes.






Happy Dance. Feel Good. 3 minutes.

Colour Festival India. 6 minutes.

The Love Boat. Island Cruising. 4 minutes.






The Greatest Love. 3 minutes.

Great Actors. M/F. 3 minutes.

Rock 'n Roll. Fireworks. 6 minutes.






Amateur Radio - The Heat is On. 6 minutes.

Australia. Great Southern Land. 4 minutes.

Crocodile Dundee Trailer. 3 minutes.








Everybody needs Love. 4 minutes.

Danger Zone. 4 minutes.

Love is in the Air Australia. 4 minutes.






I am Australian. 4 minutes.

True Blue. 5 minutes.

Follow Your Dream. 4 minutes.








G'day Australia. 3 minutes.

Beautiful Australian Women. 4 minutes.

The Good Old Days. 4  minutes.






Rob, VK5SW's Quad Antenna.6minutes.

Rob, VK5SW's 2 AR Books. 4 minutes.

Rob, VK5SW's Shack, 2011. 9 minutes.








Love. Bee Gees. 5 minutes.

Into Outer Space. 2  minutes.

You are a Hero. 4 minutes.






Domestic Violence. 5 minutes.

Bullying. 5 minutes.

Spirit of the Anzacs. 4 minutes.








There's a kind of hush. 3 minutes.

AmateurRadioYoungLadies. 4 minutes.

AmateurRadioYoungLadies TWO. 4 minutes.






Here comes the Sun. 3 minutes.

3 Million AR Operators. 3 minutes.

Amateur Radio QSL Cards. 4 minutes.






Up Tempo Ham Radio. 6 minutes.

Australian Freedom.4 minutes.

Fast Cars. 4 minutes.