Only some of these slideshows highlight Amateur Radio, but all are meant to uplift you. 


 Even though the music slideshows here may pertain to Australia, their messages/meanings are Universal. Please refresh this page each time you visit as new music slideshows may have been uploaded. There are quite a few on this page, so it pays to allow all of them to load before playing them. If you would like to, feel free to share this page with others as I hope that they may be able to enjoy it too. 



 Happiness images set to the song, 'Here comes the Sun.'  Uploaded April 19th, 2020. 3 minutes. Speakers On. 



'Everybody needs Love.'  James Bond images powered by Australian Vanessa Amorosi's song, 'Everybody needs a little Love.'

 Created and uploaded 9th May, 2020. 4 minutes. Speakers On. 



'AUSTRALIAN FREEDOM.' Australian Images powered by Australian John Farnham's song, 'That's Freedom.'

 Created and uploaded 3rd May, 2020. 4 minutes.



'Danger Zone.' Jet Aircraft images and also the Top Gun film sound track, Danger Zone.

 Created and uploaded 1st May, 2020. 3 and a half minutes.



The Australian sound track 'It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll' accompanied by images of fireworks, worldwide.

 Created and uploaded 2nd May, 2020. 6 minutes.



'Australia. Great Southern Land'. An uplifting music slideshow showing images of Australia set to a song sung by

 Aussie, Lee Kernaghan. Uploaded 1st April 2020. Runs about 4 minutes. Speakers On.



  'Love is in the Air Australia.' Uploaded March 15th 2020. Images of Australia set to John Paul Young's classic Australian song.

 3 and a half minutes.



Music video featuring pictures of Australia. The background song performed by Australian Super Group, 'The Seekers.' 

 Runs 4 minutes. Speakers On.



'True Blue' also features images of Australia. Music track performed by fair dinkum, dinky di Aussie John Williamson.

 Runs 4 and a half minutes.



'FOLLOW YOUR DREAM' features Amateur Radio pictures. The background song performed by Australian Super Group,

'The Seekers.'  4 minutes.



  'HAM RADIO SHACKS' features images of Amateur Radio with fast background music. Runs 4 minutes. 



'Beautiful and Inspiring Australian Women  - SUNSHINE.'  Uploaded 3rd April 2020. Pictures of Beautiful and Inspiring

Australian Women enhanced by John Paul Young's classic Australian song, 'Love is in the Air.'  Runs 3 and a half minutes.



'Are the good old days gone forever'