This high energy, HD Drone Video shows, from above, my 4 Solar Powered Amateur Radio Shacks on our property in the South Australian Bush. 

   Uploaded on 26th January, 2020 which was 'Australia Day.'  Runs for about 9 minutes. Speakers on. The Drone used was the 'DJI Mavic Air'. 

  This video and the one below feature background music tracks sung by Australian country music legend, Lee Kernaghan. 



  This youtube video was made in 2011 and shows the main solar powered Amateur Radio Shack on our property. Runs for 7 minutes. Speakers on. 

  Sorry, but the audio volume is a problem on this video. Unfortunately, I can't correct it. 







Music video featuring pictures of Australia. The background song performed by Australian Super Group, 'The Seekers.'  Runs 4 minutes. Speakers On.



'True Blue' also features images of Australia. Music track performed by fair dinkum, dinky di Aussie John Williamson. Runs 4 and a half minutes. Speakers On.



  'Follow Your Dream' features Amateur Radio Pictures. Background song performed by Australian Super Group, 'The Seekers.' 4 minutes.



 This music slideshow was made in Jan. 2020 and features Young Lady (YL) Amateur Radio Operators. 4 minutes. 




   'BEAUTIFUL and INSPIRING AUSTRALIAN WOMEN - SUNSHINE'.  Uploaded 3rd April 2020. Pictures of Beautiful and Inspiring   

   Australian Women enhanced by John Paul Young's classic song. Runs 3 and a half minutes.  




  'Love is in the Air Australia.' Uploaded March 15th 2020. Images of Australia

 set to John Paul Youngs' classic Australian song. 3 and a half minutes.