Only some of these music slideshows highlight Amateur Radio.

Even though a few of the music slideshows here may pertain only to Australia, their messages/meanings are Universal. Please refresh this page each time you visit as new music slideshows may have been uploaded. There are quite a few on this page, so it pays to allow all of them to load before playing them. Unfortunately, not all of the backing music tracks are of the same volume, so you will probably need to adjust it with different slideshows. Go to Full Screen by clicking on the symbol, bottom right.  .  At the end of each video, come back to this page by clicking that same symbol again or the 'Esc.' key top left of your keyboard. If you would like to, feel free to share this page with others as I hope that they can enjoy it too.

These Music Slideshows can be a source of Enjoyment. Speakers On.













Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens. 7m.

Autumn Leaves in town of Stirling. 5m.











The Love for Amateur Radio. 4m.

VK5SW's Remote Radio's Location. 18m.

FireFight Australia. 4 minutes.










Cosy Cabin. 3 minutes.

African Animals. 5 minutes.

African Animals Two. 3 minutes.










Incredible Dogs. Gary Barlow. 3m.

NEON. Bee Gees. 7m.

PARIS. Tina Arena. 8m.










The Big Red, Australia. 4 minutes.

Beautiful Noise - Australia. 3m.

Music Dashcam. Adelaide Hills. 2m.










When I was a Boy. 3 minutes.

You're Incredible. Gary Barlow. 3m.

Love grows where my Rosemary goes.

3 minutes.










Tina Turner Tribute. 4 minutes.

HOLIDAY ROAD. 2 minutes.

Tribute to TV's Poirot. 3 minutes.