As you can see, this location, which we call 'Taron' is fairly arid and remote.

The bushes are known as 'blue bush', similar to salt bush. The trees are mainly eucalypts and sheoaks.

















This property is out in the middle of nowhere in the Bush, about 10 miles or so from the nearest town and about 100 miles away from home, from where the radios are remotely controlled. The radio station is unattended, solar powered and turned on remotely when about to operate and then turned off again remotely when closing down. Other wise, if left on all the time, the battery would soon become depleted and unusable. A 4G Wireless Internet connection is used between the property and the town.  If interested in Remote Control, click on 'Simple Remote Station' below, and then, if you want to, click on 'How to set up Remote Control'.







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