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He Ain't Heavy. 4m.

AMATEUR RADIO. No Limit. 8m.











Dance Hip Hop. 3m.

Divinyls. Get Me Outta Here. 3 m.

Bathurst. GreatAustralianCarRace. 5m.










Australian TV Star, Bert Newton. 3m.

Australian, Dick Smith. VK2DIK. 4m.

My Caravan Trip to Renmark. 40 m.










RobNorman,VK5SW's CaravanTrip.10m.

OPRAH. 4 minutes.

ABBA. Super Group. 14 minutes.










Singer, Troy Cassar-Daley. 10 m.

Never Find Another You. 3 m.

Rob Norman, VK5SW's SolarShack. 5m.










Sir Elton John. Music Legend. 8 m.

Psychiatrist, Sir Dr. David Hawkins. 5 m.

Down Town. 4 minutes.










Slim Dusty. Australian Legend. 10 m.

Families. 7 minutes.

PAVAROTTI. 3 minutes.










YL & XYL Amateur Radio Op's.. 6 m.

We Love The Wiggles.  6 m.

PRETTY WOMAN. 3 minutes.











Lochiel Park, Adelaide. 8 m.

The Seekers. 5 m.