My Mate Red Dog. 4 m.

Ronan Keating. 4 minutes.

CUBA - Marc Hunter. 4m.










The Australian Character. 4 m.

Real Love. 6 minutes.

Any Day Now. 4 minutes.










Beautiful Ladies.Power so Divine.3m.

On your Way. 4 minutes.

Las Vegas NIGHTLIFE. 6  minutes.














PLANET COUNTRY. 4 minutes.


The Armed Forces. 4 minutes.














I still call Australia Home. 4 minutes.

The City of Alice Springs, Australia. 3 mins.

The Aussie Bloke. 4 minutes.














Happy Dance. Feel Good. 3 minutes.

Colour Festival India. 6 minutes.

The Love Boat. Island Cruising. 4 minutes.














The Greatest Love. 3 minutes.

Great Actors. M/F. 3 minutes.

Rock 'n Roll. Fireworks. 6 minutes.














Amateur Radio - The Heat is On. 6 minutes.

Australia. Great Southern Land. 4 minutes.

Crocodile Dundee Trailer. 3 minutes.