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These Amateur Radio Books have been written to encourage You to take an interest in the hobby of Amateur Radio.

Click on the above picture. All five books are available in both kindle ebook and paperback formats from Amazon, Worldwide.


Amateur  Radio,  also  known  as  Ham  Radio  is  a  hobby  whereby  licensed  Ham  Radio  Operators  are  able  to  communicate

with  each  other  world  wide  using  Ham  Radios  in  a  variety  of  ways.  These  include  talking  into  a  microphone,  morse  code,

digital  modes  using  computer  keyboards,  satellite  communications,  bouncing  radio  signals  off  of  the  moon,

talking  to  Hams  on  the  International  Space  Station,  various  forms  of  television  including  the  transmission  of  pictures  around

the  world  as  well  as  emergency  communications  in  times  of  public  need  to  name  a  few.

While  operating  mobile,  whether  from  a  motor  car,  boat  or  aeroplane,  Hams  can  still  talk  to  each  other  around  the  globe.

There  are  about  three  million  Ham  Radio  Operators  worldwide. 

They  come  in  all  ages  and  from  many  different  walks  of  life.

In  Australia,  ages  range  from  about eight  years  old  to  people  in  their  twilight  years.

  Hams  include  nobel  prize  winners,  singer/songwriters,  musicians,  hollywood  movie  producers/directors,  actors,  composers, 

authors,  politicians,  professors,  astronauts  and  scientists.

Well  known  Ham  Radio  personalities  include  country  and  western  singers  Patty Loveless  KD4WUJ and  Chet Atkins  W4CGP  sk,

singer  Donnie  Osmond  WD4SKT,  The  Eagles  band  member  Joe  Walsh  WB6ACU,  newsreader  Walter  Cronkite  KB2GSD  sk, 

actor  Marlon  Brando  FO5GJ  sk,  Priscilla Presley  NY6YOS,  King  Hussein  of  Jordan  JY1  sk  and  Australian  Dick  Smith  VK2DIK.


Amateur Radio is a great hobby. My hope is that these books go some way towards promoting it.




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