Reference:  SR 1-2920599827017 

This email is your confirmation that Iíve now transferred the following Telstra services into your name, under account number 2000717451510:

With regard to your Wireless Netgear, Night Hawk Modem  and the setting that needs to be changed on the sim card, you will need to speak to Tech Support on 133933 to get this sorted.


Since the CGN function on my new number 0429291048 Sim Card,  ( Account Number 2000032545988 )

is still functioning, I am not able to connect via the Internet to my Radio system. The Radio data is being blocked.

Information about CGN can be found   Here.

As You have done for me in the past, would You kindly turn off the CGN function on this Sim card account please. 0429291048.

Can You please also enable the 'APN' called 'telstra.extranet' on Your end on this Sim card account and then I will set up the extranet function in my wireless modem which has the Sim card installed.

A code is also needed to be put on my Sim card account at Your end please. The code is  GPTEX83

Once this is done, as in the past, I should be able to connect to my Remote Radio System through the Internet.

Thank You.





To See details of my Remotely Controlled Solar Powered Amateur Radio Station, Click Here.


Thank You. Rob Norman. www.VK5SW.com