Remote  Radio - Wireless  Internet  Connection  Problem  at  the  Radio  End.

When I replaced my wifi router at the radio end with a new one because I had had it for a few years and it had deteriorated and was no longer usable, I ran into a problem which I thought was unsolvable.

Nowadays, most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use a function called 'CGN' on their wireless Internet connections. This means that the wireless IP address is no longer public and therefore, when, at the control end, trying to find the remote modem at the radio end (using a dynamic website address), this RemoteRig system will not work. This caused a lot of problems whereby I had to cease remote operating for about a year, when as luck would have it, a fellow Ham here in Adelaide, Matt, VK5HZ, who is a network technician, sent me an email to say that he had helped VK3SSB who, not long ago had suffered from the same problem. The following applies for my Service Provider here in Adelaide, South Australia, which is 'Telstra'. It would probably be a little different for your Provider if you live outside of Australia. If using a wireless Internet connection at the radio end, you will probably need to look into this matter to resolve the problem of CGN. { For more information about CGN,, click here. } In my case, I had to ask Telstra to switch off the CGN function on my account (according to the SIM number used in the modem). However, they would not do that unless you have a business account with them, whereby you need to supply them with an Australian Business Number (ABN). I am retired and have been so for a few years now, so there is no way that I could obtain an ABN. Here in VK5 with Telstra, it is a matter of getting access to a special 'APN' called telstra.extranet  which is enabled on the Telstra end of your account (Sim card numbered account) and then set up in my wifi modem at the radio end. The code that was needed to be put on my account is 'GPTEXB3'. I am hoping that this information will be useful for Amateurs here in Australia and possibly overseas. After having sent my Internet Service Provider - Telstra - a kindly letter via snail mail, not email, explaining my situation, they agreed to switch off the CGN function on my radio end, wireless router account (the Sim number account within the router) and I am more than happy to say that this remote system is now working again. For VK Amateurs, the address that I sent the letter to is: 'Telstra. Locked Bag 20026, Melbourne. VIC. 3001.' Probably one of the reasons that they agreed to do that, without an ABN, is because we have been a customer of theirs for probably 40 years or more.