By  clicking  on  an  image below,  a  larger  image  of  approximately  1000  by  670  will  be  downloaded.  (Each  image  will  open  in  a  new  window.)  This  larger  image  can  then  be  used  as  your  desktop  background  picture.  Some  images  are  better  suited  to  saving  to  your  hard  drive  for  later  use.  For  wallpaper,  save  the  downloaded  image  to  your  desktop  and  right  click  on  the  desktop  image.  Then  left  click  on  'Set  as  Desktop  Background'.  I  have  found  that  this  doesn't  work  properly  with  some  computers/screens  -  only  a  portion  of  the  image  is  seen  on  the  desktop.  I  think  this  is  caused  by  the  screen  resolution  settings  of  the  computer.




























Amateur Radio Website Background Collage Pictures




Amateur  Radio  Signs




Amateur  Radio  Clip  Art




Tiny  Dancer





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1920 X 1080






1920 X 1080
















A few Amateur Radio Websites





























Worldwide HAM Radio QSL Website
















I encourage you to view a separate page of many uplifting music slideshows including Amateur Radio...










Rob, (me) VK5SW talking about my Remotely Controlled Amateur Radio Station.

It shows the reception of the remote radio via the Internet at the Control End - at home. Runs about 10 minutes.


Repair and Installation of Rob, VK5SW's 2 element HF Cubex Quad Antenna. June 2020. 18 minutes.