The Internet has absolutely revolutionized and transformed our lives and Amateur Radio. Remotely controlling a Ham Radio station via the Internet is often desirable nowadays because of electromagnetic interference to radios in the cities due to power lines, TV's and many other sources. The 2 videos above show my setup using the Remote Rig system and Ham Radio Deluxe. The radio station is about 100 miles away from home out in the Bush, in the middle of nowhere, and about 10 miles away from the nearest town. The station is unattended and runs on solar power. A wireless 4G Internet connection is used between the property where the station is located and the town. A fibre optic Internet cable is used from home here in Adelaide to the town of Morgan in the Riverland district. These 2 videos were recorded on my mobile phone. The 4 minute video shows the reception from the IC-7300 remote radio, and the 10 minute video shows the reception from the IC-7600 remote radio. For information about setting up solar and/or remote control, click on the respective links below.






A 7 minute video showing Chinese Military Forces, 2018.

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A 30 minute video of the launch of a satellite by 'Space X'  in California.

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A short 5 minute video tour of a section of the International Space Station.

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