20  Foot  Tower  Construction


A  Quad  antenna  at  33  feet  supported  by  the  20  foot  Tower



The  modest  20  foot  Tower


This  tower  was  originally  a  windmill  tower  but  it  can  be  built  from  scratch...

It  basically  consists  of  four,  7  metre ( 23 foot )  lengths  of  galvanised  angle  iron,  60mm  wide  and  4 mm  thick,  a  metre  of 

which  is  concreted  into  the  ground...  The  width  of  the  base  at  ground  level  is  about  1.3  metres ( 4.5  feet )...

The  windmill  tower  was  disassembled,  refurbished  and  painted  at  my  home  QTH  in  Adelaide  and  then

  transported  150  kilometres  to  the  Radio  QTH  near  the  town  of  Morgan...





The  holes  were  dug  and  the  tower  assembled  using  new  galvanised  nuts  and  bolts... 

It  was  then  erected  by  two  of  us  using  a  long  pole  to  push  it  up  and  into  the  holes...











Four  holes,  one  metre ( 3 feet )  deep  had  been  dug  with  the  central  area  dug  to  a  depth  of  400mm  to  allow 

reinforcing  rod  to  connect  the  legs  diagonally...



About  2.5  cubic  metres  of  concrete  was  poured  to  support  the  tower...



A  concrete  base  was  poured  to  support  the  rotator  and  antenna...




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80 Mx Loop

Vee Beam

Hustler Vertical

20 Foot Tower

Cubex Quad






This Youtube video was made in 2011, before remotely controlled. It shows the location in the Bush and the main solar shack. It runs for 7 minutes. Speakers on.

   The background music track is sung by Australian country music legend, Lee Kernaghan. Sorry, but the audio volume is a problem on this video. Unfortunately, I can't correct it.




Rob, VK5SW showing the broken wires on his HF Cubex Quad antenna which need to be replaced. March 2020. Runs 6 minutes.





Rob, VK5SW talking about the two Amateur Radio books which he has written for teenagers and children. March 2020. Runs one and a half minutes.





This High Energy, High Definition Drone Video shows, from above, my 4 Solar Powered Amateur Radio Shacks on our property in the South Australian Bush.

   Uploaded on 26th January, 2020 which was 'Australia Day.'  Runs for about 9 minutes. Speakers on. The Drone used was the 'DJI Mavic Air'. 

   The background music track is sung by Australian country music legend, Lee Kernaghan. 


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