Even  though  it  can  be  very  windy  here,  I  decided  to  put  up  a  5  Band,  HF,  Quad  antenna  for  a  number  of  reasons...

  I  had  a  Quad  at  the  home  QTH  some  years  ago  and  know  that  they  work  very  well  at  a  low  height...  I  decided  on 

the  Cubex  Quad  made  in  the  USA...  I  ordered  heavier  gauge  wire  than  is  usually  supplied  and  when  delivered,

  everything  was  accounted  for...



A  flat  area  of  about  (30  by  30)  feet,  ( 9  by  9 )  metres  is  needed...  The  fibreglass  spreaders  are  strong  but  lightweight

  and  need  to  be  pegged  to  the  ground  to  enable  the  fitting  of  the  wires...








On  the  20  and  17 Mx  loops, ' wire  wraps ' as  shown  are  fitted  to  minimise  flexing  of  the  wires  where  they  go  through  the

  spreaders  and  to  maintain  the  shape  of  the  elements...  Also,  the  ends  of  the  wires  need  to  be  soldered  so  that  they

  can  be  pushed  through  the  spreaders  more  easily...




Since  we  have  no  electricity  supplied  to  the  area  here,  I  ordered  the  matching  transformer,  even  though  the  performance

  of  the  antenna  wont  be  as  good  as  if  an  antenna  switch  with  matching  coax  sections  was  used  to  feed  the  Quad...




It  took  me  about  a  day  and  a  half  to  assemble  the  2  halves  of  the  antenna...




  Be  careful  not  to  overheat  the  balun  when  soldering,  like  I  did...  It  would  pay  to  connect  the  wires  to  the  solder  lugs

  and  then  take  them  off  the  balun,  one  by  one,  before  soldering... 




The  boom  and  feedline  were  connected  to  the  Driven  element  while  it  was  still  on  the  ground... 




A  steel  and  wooden  platform  was  installed  half  way  up  the  tower  to  support  the  antenna...  The  two  halves  were  lifted

  and  pushed  up  onto  the  platform  from  where  the  Quad  was  raised  to  the  top  of  the  tower  using  rope  and  a  pulley...

  It  was  then  lifted  onto  the  central  pole  and  the  U  bolt  nuts  tightened... 




















The  50mm  (2 inch),  6  metre  (20 foot)   pole  running  through  the  centre  of  the  tower  was  reinforced  by  a  2.5  metre  sleeve

  of  pipe  about  2  metres  down  from  the  top  to  prevent  it  from  bending...   The  6  metre  pole  was  then  raised  to  a  total

  height  of  10  metres  (33 feet)  by  adding,  at  ground  level,  two  lengths  of  2  metre  pipe  as  seen  in  the  picture  below... 

 Two  of  us  stood  on  the  central  platform  and  managed  to  lift  it...  It  was  very  heavy...








Rotator  housing  -  a  Prop  Pitch  motor...




Information  about  Cubex  Quad  antennas  can  be  found  at  Cubexquads.com

For  Wallpaper  images  of  this  particular  Cubex  Quad,  click here

To  see  the  construction  and  installation  of  the  20  foot  Tower,  click here

This antenna performs very well. I have noticed that it can 'open and close the band'.

What I mean by that is that you seem to be able to get through at the opening of the

band and also when it is closing. Where as other antennas I've used can't do that.

One of its other characteristics is that it is very quiet on receive.

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To  see  details  of  my  2  element  Cubex  Quad  feed  point  matching  Transformer,  CLICK  HERE.

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We replaced the wires of this Quad antenna as some of them had broken, having been in the air for about 10 years.

 Images of the new wires can be seen below. The wires were replaced with high tensile fencing wire and the large 20mx

loops were strengthened by the use of 850lbs breaking strain UV resistant rope, 4mm diam. from DXEngineering.

The images below were taken in August 2021. Adrian from AGL Cranes took the photos while Randal, his offsider and I soldered some of the wires.






80 Mx Loop

Vee Beam

Hustler Vertical

20 Foot Tower

Cubex Quad







Rob, VK5SW showing the broken wires on his HF Cubex Quad antenna which need to be replaced. March 2020. Runs 6 minutes.



Repair and installation of Rob, VK5SW's 2 element HF Cubex Quad Antenna. June. 2020. 18 minutes.

  Speakers On.




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