Remote Radio:  FT-450D         

The following images show the remotely controlled Ham Radio station using a Yaesu FT-450D.

This station is unattended and located on our property in a small shed in the South Australian Bush as shown below.



My Dad and I built this shed some years ago. It's made of second hand colorbond fencing iron.



This location is fairly isolated so the remotely controlled station is solar powered. Hence the batteries.



The nearest town is about 10 klms away (Internet Base station) so a 'mobile phone' 4G Internet connection is used.


The station is turned on and off remotely from the home Qth, 150 klms away using an

SMS Relay switch. Ham Radio Deluxe is used at home to remotely control the radio.



FT-450D, 'Remoterig' black box, blue SMS relay switch, wifi modem to the right. 30A, 12V relays in front plus solar controller.



Mobile phone antennas against the window. One used by the SMS relay switch and the other by the wifi modem.



Antenna at present is the Hustler 6BTV - 6 band HF vertical as shown.



A 12 volt, 145 watt monocrystalline solar panel charges the battery. It produces up to 8 amps.






If you are interested in running your station on solar power or controlling it remotely,

then perhaps you may like to visit the Links below for further information.






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