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G'day Everyone. Wherever you may be on planet Earth, Welcome to this Australian Amateur Radio website.

I really like building website pages and I hope you find some of these pages to your liking. Ham Radio is a great hobby. My hope is that this website goes some way towards promoting it. An Introduction to Amateur Radio is given on the 'Introduction' page. Information can also be found on this website about setting up a solar powered Ham Radio station, remotely controlling your station, learning morse code, constructing a 20 foot tower, putting together a Cubex quad antenna as well as building vee beam, ground plane and loop antennas. You may find the WorldClock useful and you can also download Ham Radio Wallpaper. The YOUTUBE link, which opens in a new window, shows Amateur Radio slideshows set to music. You could give the 'Operators' icon a click too. The VK3MO page gives information about Ian Williams who is an inspiring Australian Amateur.

Due to nearby radiation from TV's, power lines and various other sources of electromagnetic interference, the background noise level on radios at the home Qth here in suburban Adelaide is horrendous - strength 9. Nothing can be heard here. The background noise level on the radios at the remote location at our property is strength zero. Depending on Qrn and over the horizon radar, you can basically 'hear a pin drop'. This is the beauty of remote operating. Also, in this case, there is plenty of room for antennas. The station is 150 klms away from home, located on our Bush property. This remote radio system uses a Wireless Internet connection (4G, 2.4Ghz) at the Radio End as the nearest town is about 10 klms away from the property. In my case, this has meant being able to operate remotely from the home Qth as opposed to not being able to operate at all. For information about setting up remote capability, which may be helpful if interested, click on the above, 'REMOTE' icon... I think the best page on this website is 'Introduction'.



This video was made in 2011, before remotely controlled. It runs for 7 minutes.



I've been retired for about 5 years now. Age is 67. This is the sort of work I used to do. I'm the bloke with the floppy hat. These fences are called 'Brush Fences'. They are fairly common here in Australia. The method shown, using premade panels is not that common as most brush fences are 'packed by hand' which takes longer. The 'brush' itself is cut from a bush, 'Melaleuca uncinata' which grows in the scrub. It recovers and grows again. You don't have to be silly to do the job, but it helps if you are. If interested, have a look at 'Hague's' website. He's the good lookin' bloke in the video. www.adbrush.com.au  You may also be interested in books I've written.

Feel free to rate the various pages and sign the Guestbook.              

Thanks for visiting. Hopefully you can find something which makes it worthwhile.  73 - 'Rob', VK5SW. (QRZpage)


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