A Solar Powered and

Remotely Controlled

Amateur Radio Station

located in

South Australia.





Wherever you may be on planet Earth, welcome to this Australian Amateur Radio website.

This website is really a 'token of appreciation' for all the good times Amateur Radio has given me over the past 48

years and my hope is that this website is helpful to you in some way. Information can be found here about setting up a

solar powered Ham Radio station, remotely controlling your station, learning morse code, constructing a 20 foot tower, putting together

a Cubex quad antenna as well as building vee beam, ground plane and loop antennas. You can also download Ham Radio wallpaper.

This website shows our getaway property in the South Australian Bush where it's fairly arid and isolated.

Thanks for visiting. Hopefully you can find something which makes it worthwhile.  73 - 'Rob', VK5SW.

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