G'day Everyone. This website is meant to highlight the hobby of Amateur Radio, so if new to it, click 'An Introduction to Amateur Radio' above.

The Universe is vast and about 13.8 Billion years old. There are at least 100 Billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy alone. The circumference of the Earth is about 40,000 klms.. High frequency radio waves, being electromagnetic radiations travel at the speed of light, about 186,000 miles per second, basically being received instantaneously around the World. Depending on the relative position of Mars from Earth, radio waves can take up to about 20 minutes to reach the red planet. The space craft Voyager 1 has been traveling away from Earth for over 40 years, having been launched in 1977. It's currently over 13 Billion miles away and it's radio signals take something like 19 hours to reach home..

I've enjoyed building this website, while trying to encourage and inspire you because I know that Amateur Radio can give you a good life. The background image shows Sydney Harbour in VK2. The links, hopefully are able to provide you with interest, information and enjoyment. Feel free to rate the pages and sign the Guestbook. 73, Rob. VK5SW.



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   The following 10 minute High Energy, High Definition Drone Video shows the locations, from above, of my 4 Solar Powered Amateur Radio Shacks on our property in the South Australian Bush. This video was made on 30th Nov. 2019 and runs for only 10 minutes. The Drone used was the 'DJI Mavic Air.'   

   The video will open in a new window.  Speakers ON.  CLICK HERE.   

















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